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On the drizzly evening of February 6, 1951, the Pennsylvania Railroad commuter train known as "The Broker" derailed in Woodbridge, New Jersey, killing 85 and injuring hundreds in what remains the deadliest railroad accident in the state's history. Communities all along the Jersey Shore were shaken by the sudden and violent loss of family and friends.

What happened was self-evident from the mangled railcars and bodies. Why was another matter and would lead investigators to delve deep into the inner workings of the self-proclaimed "Standard Railroad of the World."

Drawn from contemporary accounts, investigation transcripts, and recent interviews with those whose lives were forever changed, MAN FAILURE puts the reader at the center of the story-from the gripping human dramas of survivors, rescuers, and families who lost loved ones, to the controversies surrounding the investigations trying to get to the bottom of a tragedy that still haunts those who experienced it.
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What does Mount Rushmore, the Washington quarter, and a set of New York's Trinity Church's Astor Doors have in common? All were created by renowned sculptors who also have celebrated works in Newark, New Jersey! Indeed, Newark is home to an amazing array of monuments, memorials, and statuary, reflecting a long artistic and cultural heritage. New Jersey historian and author, Gordon Bond, has decided to undertake the creation of a new book tentatively called "Monumental Newark," that will go deep into the fascinating backstories of who or what the monuments depict and how they came to be.